AVVAY Booking

Asset Deletion Flows

Designing the AVVAY booking flow to increase transparency and efficiency

The challenge when iterating on the booking experience was to both gather additional information from the guest yet at the same time reduce the number of actions required for a guest to create reservation requests.

My Role

I led research, design, and frontend development on the booking experience redesign.

Research, Interaction, and Visual Design

I performed a series of phone interviews with both hosts and guests. I learned that hosts wanted additional information about the customer requesting their spaces. I also conducted an extensive analysis of our funnel metrics to see where the drop-off was happening.

Wireframes for the user journey

Default State Selected State for Standard Rate Selected State for Event Rate Selected State for Multi Day

Increased Reservation Requests and Bookings

Analyzing funnel data we saw our "time to completion" metric decrease and saw overall reservation requests increase which led to higher numbers of bookings for hosts.


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