Toggle Manager

A complete ground-up redesign

Redesigning and rebuilding an application has its own unique set of challenges. I wanted to make sure that familiar design patterns stayed in place while at the same time fixing user interactions that were broken.

My Role

From March 2013 to October 2013 I was the design lead on the mobile device management team at OpenPeak. I provided visual and interaction design, as well as information architecture planning for the internal redesign of the Toggle Manager product.

Moving away from Adobe Flex


The first iteration of Toggle Manager was entirely built with Adobe Flex. Flex provided many "off the shelf" user interface components and interaction flows. I imagesed with the engineering team to decouple the application from Flex and do a complete ground-up redesign.

Designing a modular and simplified experience


Toggle Manager Dashboard Toggle Manager Policies

The team wanted a flexible, efficient, and visually appealing experience for admins to use. I designed a modular card-based system that could be mixed and matched to serve the various needs of the user.

Designing the experience with engineers

Pulling in the engineering team early in the design phase always produces better results. I worked closely with them and established a daily collaborative white-boarding session to design user journeys and information architecture.

Toggle Manager Dashboard Toggle Manager Policies

White-boarding sessions were always captured, synthesized, and then translated into wireframes. These wireframes provided a document the engineers, product managers, and I could reference when establishing functional requirements for the project.


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Toggle Manager

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